We live in a time of serious transition in our global society. The arts provide a significant opportunity to culturally name and support the change we want to see in our world. WEEP is sounding the note of peacebuilding through their music and presence and it is a joy to journey with them. Check out their music - it is harmony and messaging for a Culture of Peace. ~Dorothy J. Maver, Ph.D., Executive Director of The River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding
Knights After Night –Brevard Live Magazine by Charles Knight & Lissa Galindo Then there was Jamming for Jimbo...........There were so many talented bands and musicians in attendance that it would be impossible to name them all in a column this small. do, however, want to mention WEEP, the all female band that has begun to make some waves around Brevard. We were treated by a set from them at our Rockstar Jam at Lou’s Blues as well! .” - Charles Knight & Lissa Galindo

— Brevard Live Magazine

Local Lowdown –Brevard Live Magazine By Steve Keller Got to give props to everyone that supported James “Jimbo” Garris at last month’s “Jammin 4 Jimbo” benefit. A good deal of money was raised to offset some of Jimbo’s medical expenses. The generosity of the music scene and relative strangers never ceases to amaze me as we help out one of our own. I saw a lot of people that day; some who I haven’t seen in a long time, others I may never see again. The music genres varied but all were there to support Mr. Garris and his road to recovery...... A band that graciously donated their time and talent is WEEP. This band of ladies’ history dates back almost 20 years! Getting their start in the midwest, WEEP now calls Cocoa home. Gigging locally as well as making an appearance at Orlando’s Hard Rock Rising competition, this is a band to watch. Roctober offers high profile concerts for our local scene so be on the lookout for WEEP.” - Steve Keller

— Brevard Live Magazine

The Celtic Mystic - Luna Tick Diary feat. WEEP with Caithe Cameron –Celtic Mystic Hour from Celticai Studio on Reflect Radio Reflect Radio is honoured to have WEEP as one of their feature artists. Their combination of modern rhythms and empowering themes brings them to the forefront of their genre. Combined with their fun and obvious passion for reaching out to help others, WEEP continues to be a relevant and real voice in a landscape of empty promises. Tune in and hear their reality - it will resonate within! www.celticai.com.au” - Caithe Cameron

— Celtic Mystic Hour on Reflect Radio

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