Project AK-47

WEEP has been chosen amongst an elite group of musicians, athletes, and creative professionals to join the Advocate Alliance of the Nashville based organization Project AK-47;  an organization that exists to RESCUE child soldiers from lives of violence, RESTORE their identities, and RESHAPE regions of conflict. The name was chosen because the AK-47 represents everyone. Often dubbed the “people’s gun”, it was the first gun of modern warfare that enabled armed groups to use children in combat. Launching their intentional demobilization strategy in 1997, and using economic initiatives, education programs and safe houses, the team from Project AK-47 educate these children, equipping them with tools to navigate hardships and restore peace for their generation. Over 1,000 children are positively impacted by their children’s homes, safe houses, schools, and preventative programs annually.

As advocates, WEEP will actively fund raise and help spread the word by integrating the Project AK-47 message into their live performances as well as into their online platforms.  Project AK-47 will provide WEEP with their own fundraising page and feature them on their website, blog and social media. To learn more about Project AK-47 go to:  or to access WEEP’sfundraising page go to:

“Because we consider ourselves advocates of peace,” says WEEP’s spokesperson, Kimberly Paschke “we feel that to change the cycle of violence it must end where it begins (childhood), and be prevented before it begins if at all possible. Through education, empowerment and love, we see these children thriving in all aspects of life, but we must be their voices by telling their stories in order to move hearts and minds and to activate people.”

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